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BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown - preview

Henrieta Hyrlikova

The year is slowly wrapping up and for a short period of time, all the CS:GO action with it. There are only a few more top-tier tournaments left before we say goodbye to the mad 2020, but at the same time, it’s going to be arguably the juiciest page in this year’s CS:GO calendar. There is Dreamhack Masters Winter, BLAST Premier Fall Finals and finally IEM Global Challenge, so prepare your betting skills, ‘cause you’re going to need them.

It all starts with BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown, the last chance for teams to get one of the two spots left in BLAST Premier Fall Finals. The tournament kicks off this Tuesday, November 24th and will run for five days, with the Fall Finals set to be played at the beginning of December. After the Christmas break, BLAST will start the new CS:GO year with the culmination of the previous one - BLAST Premier Global Final 2020.


Six teams have already qualified for Fall Finals in the Regular Season of Fall 2020 series, and another 16 teams from both EU and NA regions will fight in Fall Showdown to take those last two precious spots.

Teams will face each other in two single-elimination brackets until winners are decided. Both winning teams will get $25,000 out of $150,000 prize pool. There is $1 million waiting in Global Finals, so the stakes are high.

Photo Credit: BLAST


Even though BLAST Premier Fall Showdown is basically a qualifier for teams that missed out on Regular Season, there’s still plenty of top-tier teams who are for sure going to give it everything. Plus, the competition is the most diverse we’ve seen in quite a while.

Bracket A:  FURIA Esports,  Isurus, Team Spirit,,  FaZe Clan, MIBR, Team Liquid, MAD Lions

Bracket B: Ninjas in Pyjamas,  Cloud9, Complexity, Sprout, mousesports, GODSENT,  Evil Geniuses,  Endpoint


Moving on, let’s inspect which teams are most likely to win BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown. We prepared outrights for this one, so don’t forget to place your bets here on Midnite before the book closes with the start of the tournament. The format is deadly, so be prepared to see some upsets.

Bracket A


Our favorite in the first bracket is FURIA with odds to win 2.78. Brazilian squad had an excellent year, winning multiple tournaments and dominating not only Brazil, but the whole NA region. With such a well established and balanced roster known for its aggressive and unpredictable strats, it should be a piece of pie. On the contrary, all of the successes mentioned were achieved on American soil and FURIA’s return to Europe to compete in BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Regular Season, wasn’t very outstanding. In fact, they ended up last.

That being said, we can probably expect better performance this time, considering what’s at stake. Furthermore, FURIA recently secured an important sponsorship deal with PokerStar, so the squad might have gained some extra motivation.

Team Liquid

Liquid enter the competition at 5.80. Because of the issues with travelling during the current global health situation, the team agreed with the tournament organiser to skip the Regular Season and start straight from Showdown. Despite the fact they have been struggling quite a bit this year, they seem to be slowly getting back to normal. They ended up third on recent IEM XV Beijing and can be considered one of the stronger teams competing.

With the same odds (5.80) as Liquid enters Russian squad, one of the main forces of CIS region. They’ve seen some great results on IEM XV New York, beating Natus Vincere in semifinals and winning over Nemiga in grand finals. Not to mention the successful start they had at Flashpoint 2. upgraded their roster earlier this year with Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis and it proved to be a right decision. YEKINDAR is a young player of exceptional talent and consistency and he fits well with the team. However, it’s been a while since they attended an international event, which might be a setback for them. There are some doubts they have enough firepower to compete against the best teams in this tournament, though they definitely can be considered a dark horse.

Bracket B


At 2.82, we favor Complexity to win the second ticket to the Fall Finals. Complexity had a crazy year full of ups and downs, but overall the team’s rise from rank #67 to an elite team within one year has been impressive. They suffered a few losses recently, but all things considered, their chances are high. And even if Complexity don’t manage to win this, there’s no reason for them to be too sad, as they are one of the three seeds in the Global Final that are already known. Together with Team Vitality, they qualified through European edition of BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Finals.

Evil Geniuses

The third seed in Global Final are Evil Geniuses, thanks to winning the American division of Spring Finals. The team enters Fall Showdown at 3.65, which is pretty close to favored Complexity. This year, EG walked a path very similar to the FURIA’s one, shining in NA region and then finishing last at internationals. It might not be easy, but they surely have the firepower and the potential to make it through.


Mousesports sit at 5.20 to win the second bracket and even though they had a somewhat shaky season, they still are a threat. There were some disagreements in the team, but everything seems to be settled now. The German squad took a short break to regroup, so it will be surely interesting to watch if and how they are going to climb to the top again.

All matches will be broadcasted via the BLAST official Twitch channel, or on BBC’s iPlayer.

Check out the odds for the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall 2020 matches here on Midnite, where you can also watch all of the matches live.