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BLAST Premier Fall Series, What do the Experts say?

With Counter Strike being isolated over different regions ever since the lockdown started due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BLAST Premier Fall Series will be the first event this year to feature teams across different continents competing under one single region.


BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020 is just around the corner, and everyone involved is in intense preparation mode – right from the competing teams to the event organizers and talents on and off the screen.

With Counter Strike being isolated over different regions ever since the lockdown started due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BLAST Premier Fall Series will be the first event this year to feature teams across different continents competing under one single region; a much awaited event in the eyes of the community who have been craving for such competition to satiate their curiosity and to see which team reigns supreme.

Will it be the usual lot of heavyweights from Europe asserting their dominance all over again or will teams from North America or Brazil be able to outsmart the competition? A lot remains unanswered and rightfully so.

To ease some of your worries and to give you a general view on how the event is being viewed overall, we reached out to a couple of industry professionals who were kind enough to share their thoughts on the event. Without further ado, do give it a read!

Image credit: James Banks Twitter

James Banks, Host for BLAST Premier Fall Series:

“This is probably the most excited I have been for Counter Strike since corona hit and not just because I get to host it! We are extremely lucky to get so much CS action and still get to watch and enjoy our amazing game from the start to finish during the Covid times. For me, it was starting to get a bit random at times with the same teams going up against each other, and you could start to see it in how they played.

With the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 season, we are finally seeing Europe go up against North America again. we are going to have FURIA Esports and Evil Geniuses come and test their might against the European competition they have been missing out on for most of the year.

On top of that we get MIBR competing with their new roster, not a lot of time to prepare but it is an interesting mix with the stand ins. jks coming to compLexity is HUGE and for me this is one of the most exciting transfers of the year as we get to see him play under a completely different system and utilized by a different IGL for the first time in 4 to 5 years. I want to see Justin unleashed and popping off!

The other great part to mention is that most of the teams, if not all, are at a boot-camp or in a LAN environment, able to compete in a similar fashion to being online and this makes a big difference to how they play the game and how they work together.

As far as I am concerned, I’m looking at Astralis, FURIA, Natus Vincere, Vitality, Evil Geniuses and G2 Esports making it to the finals off the back of this although G2 need to be careful because their recent form hasn’t been great. I could easily see an OG, BIG or coL causing an upset here.

When it comes to teams, I am just excited to see the storm that’s going to brew up. Well, firstly I want to see what arT and FURIA are going to do to the European teams and how the EU teams try to handle the calculated madness that is FURIA. I like that, calculated madness = FURIA! BIG is also a team that can’t be ignored in this as people often don’t give these guys enough credit but I feel they have shown up in these trying times and I don’t think you can ever write them off.

This is probably the toughest event of the year to call and for me that is what makes it the most exciting, I can’t wait to get to work, I am more excited than ever to be back in a studio and hosting the show and I know for a fact that I will be losing my mind over the event at the insane plays and incredible moments we are about to witness! Let’s get it!”

Image Credit: DreamHack

Sudhen “Bleh” Wahengbam, Analyst and Commentator:

“With the various Counter Strike regions being isolated ever since the lockdown started, there have been some interesting storylines that have developed on both sides of the Atlantic. My eyes are going to be on how the American representatives of Evil Geniuses and Furia Esports are going to fare against the best that Europe has to offer.

Furia are one of my favourite teams to watch with unpresented levels of aggression and I think everyone have been waiting for the majority of the year to see them tested by the likes of say an Astralis or a Vitality.

That said, Astralis and Vitality are definitely my favourites for making it to the top 4. The other 2 is a toss-up between OG, BIG and Furia.”

Image Credit: Elfishguy Twitter

Jordan "Elfishguy" Mays, Commentator:

"Blast Premier Fall 2020 will no doubt be an event that revitalizes a lot of people’s love for Counter Strike in what has been a turbulent year for us all. It’s no secret that storylines over the past 6-9 months have become tiresome and repetitive, but with the return of international competition, and the proposition of EU and NA clashing again, we’re all waiting with bated breath to see what the next week of CS will provide.

For me personally, my attention is most drawn to Complexity, who have recently added JKS to the roster. Not only will this be the first event that they display their new roster at, but it will also be an insight into what the future of Australian Counter Strike’s representation will look like in 2021. JKS has been an individual that has carried the hopes of a nation on his shoulders before, from the fresh face in VOX to the experienced veteran that now departs 100T and forges his own path, without his trans-tasman brethren.

Complexity won’t have an easy run, facing Vitality in round 1 of their bracket, not BIG and Faze waiting on the other side of the bracket for them. Expectations shouldn’t be too high for them, given they’ve little time to mesh, but I will still look closely at their games and send my support their way.

Despite the fact that it will be 2:30am on a Friday morning for most of the fans down under, I’ve no doubt that Complexity will receive their fair share of well-wishers from the great southern land to cheer them on."

Image Credit: JustHarry Twitter

Harry "JustHarry" Russell, Commentator:

"With Blast starting tomorrow, it makes me both extremely happy and excited to see such awesome teams from across the world fighting for a title again. In a way it's just like old times, and I don't think any of us realized just how great we had it till suddenly all that was gone.

Firstly, it makes me so happy that esports has found a way to cope through this horrible year, and we've managed to make international competition happen again before the year is out. I think we will get a lot of questions answered and crazy heights of competition with players finally meeting "new" teams and players from regions they've only dreamed of in recent memories.

Secondly, FURIA and EG come over looking damn hot in their region. I'm most excited for FURIA who beat their final boss in EG, finally beating a team they never could just recently in online play. They've taken back to back titles in NA, and so this is a chance to show they aren't just a massive fish in the small pond of NA competition. Everyone has wanted to see Furia vs Astralis and now we would. There's so much more to get excited about, JKS with Complexity, new look MIBR and the surprise that it is, Zywoo in incredible form, quiet Na'Vi at IEM New York but now a chance to prove it at an event they said they were preparing for. The list is so long, I'm just so hyped to have international competition back in action."

Interestingly, we have a common consensus among majority of our friends as they are expecting teams like OG, BIG and Furia to make a big splash and possibly make their way into the top half of the table. Oh, and don't forget the debut of the Complexity Gaming as well while being pitted against one of the best teams in the first round.

We hope that our readers have a better perspective on how things may possibly go down at this event, one that is bound to be a spectacular delight to the eyes.

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