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CDL 2021 Stage 2 Week 2 - Day 2 Preview

Charlie Cater

The CDL 2021 action continues with Day 2 of Week 2. With two more great games, here’s the odds and our preview.

London Royal Ravens (2.76) vs LA Thieves (1.36)

After their 3-0 sweep of the LA Guerrillas, London have all the momentum needed to go on and defeat the Thieves. PaulEhx had a great debut, however it was Zed who really stood out in his second series for the team. Map 1 is crucial in this series.

LA Thieves have brought in Venom to replace Temp on the starting roster. Venom is a very exciting young talent, and will look to bring more success to the Thieves. However, as mentioned earlier, the map 1 winner has gone on to win in 9/10 of LA Thieves series this year, so it might be worth waiting until after map 1 to place your bets.

New York Subliners (1.26) vs Los Angeles Guerrillas (3.25)

New York Subliners pulled off a reverse sweep against the LA Thieves and they look great. Currently 4th in the League, New York have outperformed all expectations this year and will be big favourites for this series.

Following a 3-0 defeat to the Royal Ravens, LA Guerrillas will be looking to bounce back in this series. It won't be easy, so the Guerrillas will need to take map one, and both SnD’s to stand a chance at a victory.

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