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CDL 2021 Stage 2 Week 2 - Day 4 Preview

Charlie Cater

The CDL 2021 action continues with Day 4 of Week 2. With three more great games, here’s the odds and our preview.

Paris Legion (1.69) vs Seattle Surge (1.98)

Paris Legion have looked hot in Stage 2, and this is an extremely important game. With Seattle Surge being one of their main competitors, they’ll want to take this match. Skrapz has specifically looked good, but Fire has been inconsistent. He’ll need to be on it if they are to win.

Seattle Surge have a great chance in this matchup, however it yet again all comes down to Prestinni. When Prestinni plays well, Surge win, when he doesn't, Surge lose. Paris are favoured, but if Prestinni comes out hot Seattle could easily take this match.

Dallas Empire (1.38) vs Minnesota Rokkr (2.66)

Dallas Empire defeated Paris Legion 3-1, however they’re now taking on a rejuvenated Rokkr. This will not be an easy match, and Dallas Empire will need to be at the best of their game to win this.

Standy came in and instantly 3-0’d OpTic Chicago. This was an exceptional display from Rokkr, with Priestahh also dominating in his new role. While they're definitely underdogs, Minnesota have a great shot here and can't be taken lightly.

OpTic Chicago (1.29) vs Florida Mutineers (3.10)

After a 3-0 defeat to Minnesota Rokkr, OpTic will be looking to bounce back against the Mutineers. This should be a relatively easy match, however Florida have looked dominant before, so Dashy needs to improve on his previous match.

Florida will need to be at their very best against OpTic, however there is an opportunity for them to win. Skyz and Owakening have to be dominant on the AR’s, if they can win the battle against Formal and Dashy, they win this match.

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