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CDL 2021 Stage 5 Week 3 - Day 3 Preview

Charlie Cater

The Call of Duty League continues tonight with three more great matches. Here’s the odds, and our preview of tonight's games.

London Royal Ravens (1.81) vs Paris Legion (1.90)

The London Royal Ravens are coming off the back of a 3-0 defeat to OpTic Chicago. While unfortunately they only have the Major left to play, this is an important match and they’ll want to win. Recently, Afro has been dominating as he proves he has what it takes for the CDL, and he needs to show up again.

Paris Legion are coming off the back of a 3-2 loss to the new look NYSL, however with a recent win over the LA Thieves, they’ll be more than confident heading into this match.

Florida Mutineers (1.52) vs Minnesota ROKKR (2.38)

For the Florida Mutineers, this is a must win match. Following a win over Dallas Empire, they need to keep the momentum rolling, and a win here would put them at 4-0 in the group, securing a Winners Round 1 start at the Major.

Minnesota ROKKR have stayed very consistent in Stage 5 so far, and this is a match that is hard to call. With them being able to breeze past lower opposition, but struggling against the best, Minnesota ROKKR face a mid pack team in the Mutineers. This looks like a close one, and it could go the distance.

OpTic Chicago (1.19) vs LA Thieves (4.10)

OpTic Chicago have looked like one of the best teams during Stage 5, and have even defeated the best team Atlanta FaZe. They’ve looked great, and with the Thieves taking a loss to Paris Legion, this could be a dominant match.

However, we can be sure that the Thieves will up their game against OpTic. Currently 2-2 in the group, this is a must win match for the LA Thieves.

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