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CDL Atlanta Home Series - Day 3 Preview

Charlie Cater

The Call of Duty League continues with three matches tonight, so we take a look at Saturday’s games and our preview.

Paris Legion (1.46) vs Los Angeles Guerrillas (2.42)

After the poor 3-0 loss top OpTic Chicago last night, Paris Legion will be looking to bounce back against an easier opponent. Fire performed well in his first CDL match of the season, so if he can stay on form that will be great for the squad.

The LA Guerrillas also suffered a 3-0 loss. They couldn't keep up with the speed of FaZe, so if Paris can match that, this could be a weakness to exploit in the Guerrillas

This match will be close, however, we’re favouring Paris.

Toronto Ultra (3.30) vs Florida Mutineers (1.26)

Bance dominated in the Kickoff Classic, dropping 30+ kills in both Hardpoints and showing his slaying power with the XM4. This wasn't enough to get them over the line however, and the rest of the team will need to kee[ up in order to beat Florida.

The Florida Mutineers beat Atlanta FaZe 3-2 in the Kickoff Classic. Neptune showed he has the talent, while the rest of the team performed as expected. This should be a win for Florida, however Toronto definitely have the chance to upset.

New York Subliners (2.58) vs LA Thieves (1.41)

While New York suffered in the Kickoff Classic, recent scrim results have been dominant from them. The LA Thieves are a team that may be around them in the Power Rankings, so they’ll need to prove a point here.

The Los Angeles Thieves’ 3-1 victory against Minnesota Rokkr saw them excel in both Hardpoints, and the Control. This is a very important match, and will almost secure them that top 3 spot in the group.

LA Thieves are definitely the favourite, but if New York have drastically improved, this will be a close match.

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