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CDL Stage 2 Major - Day 4 Preview

Charlie Cater

Tonight the CDL Stage 2 Major action continues. While we only have three matches, all are extremely important, so here’s the odds and our preview of Day fours matches.

Toronto Ultra (1.66) vs LA Thieves (2.02)

Toronto Ultra suffered a defeat to Atlanta FaZe. However, they can go into this match with confidence. They won a Raid SnD once again, so if we see that in the mapset, that will be a great bet.

LA Thieves completed a 3-0 sweep over New York and they look clinical going into this match. The new roster seems to have gelled instantly, and while they’re underdogs, they’re a great bet for this match. Drazah has been excellent since his addition, and Venom has stepped it up in Search and Destroy. If the maps are right, this could be a dominant win.

OpTic Chicago (1.52) vs Minnesota ROKKR (2.26)

OpTic Chicago looked strong in their 3-1 win over Seattle. However, they came out flat and will need to come out faster against a ROKKR who won two Hardpoints against Empire last night. However, this OpTic team are hungry to prove doubters wrong, and their performance today puts them in a great spot to take this series.

Minnesota ROKKR won two Hardpoints against Dallas Empire in a match that no one could have predicted. Two Search and Destroy losses are also tough, however, these both came in Round 11. All in all, ROKKR could’ve easily won this match, so this will without a doubt be a great game against OpTic.

Atlanta FaZe (1.32) vs Dallas Empire (2.92)

Following a 3-1 win over a hot Toronto Ultra, Atlanta FaZe will be on point going into this matchup. FaZe look dominant in Hardpoint, so we expect them to take both of those. However, their loss in SnD leaves an opening for Empire in this series. The map that decides, this? Control. Whoever wins Map 3 could be a great ML bet.

Dallas Empire will be extremely hot coming off the back of a 3-2, round 11 win over Minnesota Rokkr. Undefeated in Search and Destroy in the Stage 2 Major, Empire look much stronger. However, after losing two Hardpoints against ROKKR, they’ll need to bounce back in that department.

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