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CDL Stage 2 Major - Day 5 Preview

Charlie Cater

Tonight the winner of the Stage 2 Major will be crowned. But first, two matches to decide who’ll face Atlanta FaZe in the Grand Finals.

Minnesota ROKKR (1.60) vs Toronto Ultra (2.10)

Minnesota ROKKR see themselves in Top 4 after an incredible clutch against OpTic. Accuracy caught three OpTic players lined up for the 1v3 clutch in round 11, winning the match and sending OpTic home. However, this game was extremely close, and WHILE ROKKR’s SnD looks shaky again, their Control looks clinical, so Map 3 is a great bet.

Toronto Ultra 3-0 swept LA Thieves in an incredibly quick game. However, while Toronto, and more specifically Bance dominated. The match was also down to some throws from the Thieves. A 200-150 lead in Map 1 and 5-2 lead in Map 2 were thrown by LA, and Toronto took advantage. This will be a close match, while ROKKR are favoured, Toronto can take advantage of the SnD, and if they win Map 1, possibly take the series.

The winner of this match takes on Dallas Empire, so these are sure to be some great series!

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