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CDL Stage 2 Week 3 - Day 2 Preview

Charlie Cater

The Call of Duty League action continues with another week of game ahead of the Major. Here’s the odds and our preview for Day 1 of Week 3.

Toronto Ultra (1.80) vs London Royal Ravens (1.85)

Since the addition of Insight, Toronto Ultra have looked improved. However, it hasn’t resulted in any more wins. This is a very important game for both sides, so Ultra need to show up.

London Royal Ravens have looked exceptional since the addition of PaulEhx. Not only has he dominated, Zed has also looked great and has improved Dylan’s gameplay too. London look dangerous, and they should have this one in the bag.

Atlanta FaZe (1.06) vs Los Angeles Guerrillas (6.40)

Still undefeated, Atlanta FaZe should win this match with ease. There’s really nothing else you can say about them right now.

The LA Guerrillas have a slight chance if they win map 1, but FaZe look too good. This match is over before it’s even started.

Call of Duty