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CDL Stage 3 Major - Day 1 Preview

Charlie Cater

The Stage 3 Major is upon us, and with almost every team having a chance at taking the win, here’s the rundown on Day 1’s matches, including the odds.

London Royal Ravens (1.57) vs Paris Legion (2.16)

The London Royal Ravens are coming into the Major off the back of a relatively good Stage 3. With wins over New York Subliners and Seattle Surge, while also taking Atlanta FaZe to a game five, the squad seems to be getting better every series, and could easily make a losers run here.

Paris Legion on the other hand don't appear to be improving at all. Three of their Five wins this season come against the Florida Mutineers, and they look completely lost against any other team. This looks like an early exit for the Legion, and could come in a dominant fashion too.

Los Angeles Guerrillas (1.59) vs Seattle Surge (2.14)

Since the addition of Cheen, the LA Guerrillas have looked solid. Their pacing is more consistent throughout the team, and their Search and Destroy has been exceptional. This should be a win for LAG, but it could go the distance.

Seattle Surge went 0-5 in Stage 3, and don't look like getting a win any time soon. Their Search and Destroy performances have gotten worse recently, and they were dominated in Hardpoint by London. If Seattle play at their best, this could go the distance, if not, this is a 3-1 or 3-0 for the Guerrillas.

Atlanta FaZe (1.22) vs Dallas Empire (3.55)

Atlanta FaZe have definitely put in a lot of work recently, and they look to be back to their best. This makes them extremely dangerous, and if they get some momentum, they might be the hardest team to beat.

Dallas Empire however already have that momentum. Coming off the back of a 3-1 win over Minnesota ROKKR, Dallas Empire will need to go into this match with confidence. However, we think FaZe are too strong, and will take this 3-1 or 3-0.

LA Thieves (1.66) vs Florida Mutineers (2.02)

The last game of the night sees the LA Thieves go up against the Florida Mutineers. This will be Thieves' second match with Huke. While they struggled in his debut, they've had more time to practice, and could be extremely dangerous.

The Mutineers are also dangerous however, after recently hitting a good run of form. Being a very inconsistent team so far this year makes it hard to back Florida here, but this definitely looks like a game that will go all the way.

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