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CDL Stage 3 Major - Day 4 Preview

Charlie Cater

The Stage 3 Major has arguably been the best yet. With the London Royal Ravens making a solid run, OpTic looking dangerous and the Subliners sitting pretty in the Final. Here’s the odds, and our preview of tonight's Losers Round 5.

Toronto Ultra (1.34) vs OpTic Chicago (2.86)

Toronto Ultra completely dominated the LA Thieves in respawns, with the combined Hardpoint score being 500-96. The first Hardpoint was over in no time, with a 250-14 Raid giving Toronto the record for highest winning margin in the CDL so far. They look unbeatable in respawns, and while their SnD is suffering, their respawn performances are exceptional.

OpTic Chicago completed yet another 3-0 sweep to continue their Losers bracket run. Dashy took over in their series last night, putting up a monstrous 2.12 overall K/D against Dallas, before completing an outrageous 1v3 ACE in the Round 11 against Florida. OpTic look clinical, and a momentum filled, back to back 3-0 winning OpTic could take Toronto the distance.

The winner of this match faces Atlanta FaZe. Given the nature of the Major format, we think we could see a repeat of Toronto Ultra’s Major 2 win. While NYSL will be sitting in the Final, and look extremely dominant. Momentum is a powerful thing, and the games prior to the final gives the team coming from Losers and great chance at the win.

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