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CDL Stage 3 Week 2 - Day 1 Preview

Charlie Cater

The Call of Duty League returns with Week 2 of Stage 2. Tonight we see two more incredible games, so here’s the odds, and our preview of tonight's matches.

New York Subliners (1.20) vs London Royal Ravens (3.80)

After defeating Atlanta FaZe, the New York Subliners look like a dangerous squad. Their respawns were especially good, with Hydra going toe to toe with Simp during the series. Subliners are easily favoured in this series, and almost guaranteed to win map 1, so this could be a 3-0.

London have shown some promise throughout the season, but it’s just not coming together. The squad has changed a lot since the start of the season, and this iteration may be the best yet. However, New York looked great against FaZe, and this will be an extremely hard match for the Ravens.

Atlanta FaZe (1.20) vs LA Thieves (3.80)

Atlanta FaZe are coming off the back of back to back defeats, something they are yet to experience in the 2021 season. The squad looks to be disconnected, and their teamwork is lacking. However, they have the most raw talent in the league, and a FaZe coming off back to back losses could be even more dangerous than before.

Consistency has been the name of the game for the LA Thieves recently, and it paid off. The Thieves have looked great, and Kenny has dominated as the new main AR. Venom seems to be settled in now, and his performances have greatly improved. Thieves look great, but will they be good enough to beat an angry Atlanta FaZe? We don't think so.

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