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CDL Stage 3 Week 3 - Day 1 Preview

Charlie Cater

The Call of Duty League continues with two more matches to kick off Week 3. Here’s the odds and our preview of tonight's games.

Minnesota ROKKR (1.48) vs Los Angeles Guerrillas (2.36)

Minnesota ROKKR currently sit at 1-2 in the group, and this match is a must win if they want to start in the Winners Bracket at the Major. Going up against the Guerrillas, they’ll need to use their SMG pressure to dominate the respawns, and take this game in four.

The LA Guerrillas look greatly improved with Chino, however this match could catch them out. Minnesota ROKKR’s SMG pressure could be too much for them in the respawns, and lead to a 3-1 defeat. However, if LAG take a respawn, they should win the series.

OpTic Chicago (1.63) vs New York Subliners (2.06)

OpTic Chicago suffered a 3-1 defeat to the LA Thieves in a result that not many people saw coming. OpTic looked disorganised, and their timings were off, something that could happen again against New York. Search and Destroy should be a lock for OpTic, but the Hardpoints may decide the series.

New York Subliners look like the best Hardpoint team in the game since the addition of Hydra. His fast paced slaying playstyle allows the Subliners to dominate, and win respawns with ease. Map 1 could decide this series, if OpTic win, this could be a 3-0, if New York win, this could go the distance.

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