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CDL Stage 3 Week 3 - Day 3 Preview

Charlie Cater

With four insane matches already under our belts, we have six more to watch this weekend. Here’s the odds, and our preview of Stage 3, Week 3’s Saturday matches.

Toronto Ultra (1.32) vs Paris Legion (2.90)

Toronto Ultra are currently on an 8 game win streak, and sit 4-0 with a 12-1 map count so far in Stage 3. In this current form, Toronto’s teamwork is unbeatable, and they look like a team that could go on a winning streak longer than FaZe’s. This should be an easy win for them.

Paris Legion are yet to show any improvement since their roster change, and this is an extremely difficult game for them. Their main chance to win this match is to get off to a strong start with a map such as Garrison Hardpoint, if they don't win map 1, this could be a quick 3-0.

LA Thieves (1.62) vs New York Subliners (2.08)

LA Thieves have dominated recently, and see themselves as one of the best teams in the League. Their recent acquisition of Huke will only make the Thieves better, especially in Hardpoint. While this match looks close on paper, if Thieves take Map 1, this could be dominant.

New York Subliners have relied on Hardpoint for their recent wins with Hydra, as he has dominated in the respawn game modes. However, the LA Thieves are also extremely good in Hardpoint, while topping New York in both SnD and Control. If Thieves win Map 1, a 3-0 may be an excellent bet.

Florida Mutineers (1.73) vs Los Angeles Guerrillas (1.92)

The Florida Mutineers have been an extremely inconsistent team this season. Going up against the Guerrillas, they’ll need to win the AR battle, and with players such as Owakening and Skyz, you’d think they can, especially after their dominant 3-0 win last night. However, the Guerrillas’ ARs have looked great, so this will be tough.

Following a game five defeat to Minnesota ROKKR, the Guerrillas can bring some confidence into this matchup. While they lost, they put up a strong fight and had a great chance at winning the series. While Florida are favoured, this could go the distance.

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