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CDL Stage 4 Week 1 - Day 2 Preview

Charlie Cater

Stage 4 got off to a bang with two matches last night. We continue with two more tonight, so here’s the odds and our preview of Friday's matches.

Dallas Empire (1.35) vs London Royal Ravens (2.80)

Dallas Empire have made another roster change, bringing Vivid into the squad. As a fast paced, aggressive but also extremely smart SMG player, we expect Vivid to complement Shotzzy perfectly. If they have chemistry, this duo could be one of the best in the League, so the Ravens will need to watch out.

The London Royal Ravens have also made a roster change, bringing in Alexx and Afro to replace Zed and Zaptius. This move is bold from London, and requires an almost instant response. Going up against the Dallas Empire won't be easy, but London could pull off an upset here.

OpTic Chicago (1.40) vs Minnesota ROKKR (2.60)

OpTic Chicago looked great in the Stage 3 Major, and they need to bring this momentum into Stage 4. Being their own Home Series event, OpTic will be hungry to dominate, and put on a show for the fans. Dashy dominated at the Major, and reached the final of the All Star weekend. He needs to bring this confidence through in Stage 4.

Minnesota ROKKR have also made a roster change, bringing MajorManiak back into the squad, taking the place of Accuracy. This is a change that we cant see changing too much with the ROKKR. However, if they can return to their previous good form, this is a great match to start with.

You can bet on tonight's Call of Duty League matches here.

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