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CDL Stage 4 Week 3 - Day 4 Preview

Charlie Cater

With the first LAN Major just round the corner, today’s matches have massive implications. Here’s the odds, and our preview of Stage 4’s final pool play matches.

Paris Legion (1.76) vs Seattle Surge (1.88)

While Seattle Surge defeated OpTic Chicago earlier in the week, Paris Legion look like the better team. Their recent matches have been close, and they’ve looked competitive in every single one. Paris just need to stop their small mistakes, and they could be a dark horse team.

Seattle Surge however will be riding off the high of beating OpTic Chicago earlier in the week. This match was great for them from the off, as the mapset made it a lot easier. In this match, they’re likely to play Garrison, a map they’ve struggled on, so Paris need to take advantage.

Toronto Ultra (1.71) vs New York Subliners (1.95)

This match will decide the #1 seed for the group, which gives you a massive advantage going into the Stage 4 Major. Toronto look great, and their teamwork is second to none still. Bance has been dominating, and will need to continue this form.

New York Subliners have also looked great in Stage 4, but it’s Mack who’s been their standout player. Mack has been dropping massive numbers in Stage 4, and if he continues to play like this, New York could be looking to take the Major. This will be a close match, and all decided by the Hardpoints.

OpTic Chicago (1.56) vs LA Thieves (2.20)

OpTic Chicago will need to bounce back after their loss to Seattle Surge earlier in the week. That match lacked coordination from OpTic, and if it wasn't for Dashy, it could've been a lot worse.

LA Thieves went to a game five with Minnesota ROKKR in their debut as a new team. They made a lot of mistakes, and should’ve closed out the match. If they can fix these mistakes, the Thieves may be able to take this match. This will be a close one, and may go the distance.

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