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CDL Super Week - Day 5 Preview

Charlie Cater

The CDL Super Week continues with three more matches. Here’s the odds and our preview.

London Royal Ravens (5.60) vs LA Thieves (1.09)

This match clearly favours LA Thieves. Currently undefeated in the league, they’re looking like a top team, and have bounced back from their Kickoff Classic defeat. While London have suffered so far, if the team can bond together, this would be a great match for them to win.

However, LA Thieves seem too strong at the moment, and this looks like a 3-0/3-1 for the Thieves.

Paris Legion (2.80) vs Toronto Ultra (1.35)

Paris Legion have struggled in 2021, however their 3-0 sweep against the Mutineers gives them hope. Fire has been performing consistently, and could be a main factor for them this season, along with Skrapz, who has also been playing brilliantly.

Toronto Ultra and more specifically Cammy have been dominating recently. Their aggressive playstyle in all game modes has seen them stun their opponents, and shock them with their speed. They don't appear to have a weak game mode, and they look like a solid top 6 team. This should be an easy match for Toronto.

New York Subliners (2.88) vs Dallas Empire (1.33)

New York Subliners haven't had long to gel as a team, but they're already looking good. However, Mack is yet to get back to the heights of his 2020 season. If he can return to that form, New York will be a dangerous side.

Huke has dominated while Dallas Empire continue to look like one of the best teams in the game. While they won 3-0 in the Kickoff Classic, the New York side has had longer together, and may put up more of a fight. This game has a real chance of going the distance.

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