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cs_summit 7 - playoffs preview

Henrieta Hyrlikova

Looking at the new pages of CS:GO calendar, its first weeks are properly packed with all the top-tier events one can think of. After last week’s incredible culmination of BLAST Premier Global Final 2020, we are already halfway through another competition - cs_summit 7! It’s an exciting event so let’s take a look at what's going on!


The group stages of cs_summit 7 are over with Fnatic, mousesports and coming out as leaders. Out of twelve starting teams, two squads are out. Complexity Gaming and FaZe Clan have already finished their journey on this tournament with two losses on their account.

Teams that are still in the game: Fnatic, FURIA Esports, Heroic,, MIBR, mousesports, Ninjas In Pyjamas, OG, Cloud9 and Dignitas.


Today, the tournament moves into the single-elimination playoffs. But before the first quarterfinal match kicks off, there will be a Last Chance Stage, offering three teams that placed third in their groups, plus the best fourth placed team of all groups, one last chance to advance to quarter-finals.

The last chance stage consists of two matches, featuring Ninjas in Pyjamas (1.67) vs. Dignitas(2.18) and Cloud9 (1.81)vs. MIBR (1.97). Those who win will join the rest of the teams in the semi-finals.

All matches will be best-of-three. The total shared prize pool is $200,000, with winners taking $90,000.


In the absence of the likes of Astralis, Team Vitality and NaVi, other teams finally get space to shine. Most of them haven’t seen a trophy in months, so we can assume they are all hungry for it.


The Danish squad entered the tournament as a favorite and there’s no wonder why. Heroic is undoubtedly one of the strongest rosters in the tournament composition and had spectacular summer and fall seasons last year. The end of 2020 wasn’t as successful for the team, therefore it’s only logical that their ambitions on this one are high. Surely, their loss against mousesports in Group B was a bit of an upset, but the Danes are still the hottest candidates for the grand final.

In December, the Russian squad received probably the biggest salary of their lives by winning Flashpoint 2 with its enormous $500K reward. They had a good year overall, they currently have an excellent win rate and being encouraged by their big triumph, shouldn’t have any issues with qualifying for the playoffs.


Last year wasn’t very successful for mousesports, however at the end of the year, they showed a notable improvement. First at Blast Premier Showdown and then at DreamHack Masters Winter Europe. Their journey in both competitions was terminated by Astralis, but the Great Danes are not present here and it’s showing, as mousesports haven’t lost a map so far. The squad is playing with a fresh roster addition, Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand, who seems to be settling just fine.


OG showed a solid performance in previous months and even though they didn’t win any notable events, they finished second at Flashpoint 2 and IEM XV New York Europe, which is an achievement itself. The team is in great form and we can expect them to continue in their efforts of rising to the top. This tournament is a great opportunity for OG to unleash their potential.


There were a lot of expectations placed on the heads of the Brazilian squad when they arrived in Europe last October. With their aggressive tactics, they had been rolling over most North American tournaments last year and naturally posed a threat to European elites. FURIA didn’t live up to the expectations in the end, but is still considered a strong team that cannot be counted out at any tournament. It’s also important to mention that the squad is temporarily playing with Lucas “honda” Cano, a young player from FURIA Academy, which is not ideal for the team.

The Last Chance stage of cs_summit 7 begins today at 3PM GMT.  You can watch on the BTS CS:GO's Twitch Channel.

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