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DreamHack Open Fall 2020 preview

Henrieta Hyrlikova

Another week, another huge CS:GO tournament. DreamHack Open Fall 2020 will kick off tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 15th and it’s packed with the best teams Europe’s got to offer.

It’s an important tournament that serves as the next Regional Major Ranking event for Europe, with 16 teams in total fighting for a $115,000 prize pool. Alongside 2.500 RMR points, teams might also earn up to 500 points in the ESL Pro Tour circuit, which will determine teams advancing to IEM Katowice 2021.


The first 11 teams of the European RMR rankings have been invited by DreamHack, while the rest 5 had to earn their way in through a closed qualifier. As for the format, it is pretty straightforward GSL. Four groups of four will battle it out in a double-elimination group stage, with the top three out of each group advancing to playoffs in a form of another double-elimination bracket. All matches will be best-of-three, grand finals included.

The competition will run through 10 days and that means a ton of exciting matches and juicy betting opportunities. The final battle will take place on Sunday, October 25th at 5PM GMT. There is a reward of $33,000 plus a direct invitation to ESL’s IEM XV Global Challenge LAN event in December prepared for the winners.


Now let’s get to the important part, who’s playing and what are the odds? It’s not gonna be easy for sure, as it is stacked with some of the biggest names with solid chances to take the trophy. Twelve competing teams are within top 20 of HLTV’s CS:GO ranking list and there is a lot at stake. Generally speaking, they all will be aiming high and we can expect both upsets and surprises.

Group A

The first group is a strong one, with the likes of Team Vitality, Fnatic, OG and Mousesports. The favorite here is undoubtedly Team Vitality, who is currently at the top of the European RMR rankings. Finishing in finals in the majority of the events they’ve played in recent months, they should secure a spot in the playoffs easily. Their last trophy, however, dates back to 2019. All things considered, the question is not if they can claim another one, but will they finally claim one?  

Nonetheless, Group A is not so clear and other teams have chances too. For example OG might have gained more confidence thanks to a successful 2nd place at IEM XV New York.

Group B

All eyes are on Group B, featuring Astralis, G2 Esports, Heroic and Endpoint. That’s right, the current top 2 teams in the world, Astralis and Heroic, are going to fight within one group and it’s going to be thrilling to watch. Both teams entered the tournament as obvious favorites. When it comes to betting, Astralis seem like a no-brainer. It looks like they are in their best form again and there’s no doubt we will see them high on the charts. Nothing is set in stone though. Their Danish brothers from Heroic are in a great form themselves and even though they recently slightly dropped down, they're still dangerous.

G2 might be second in European RMR rankings, but considering their performance lately, they would need a miracle to have a shot to take a trophy. Still though, they might get far.

Group C

In Group C we will see FaZe, BIG, GODSENT and sAw. This group is not as exceptional as the previous two, but it has the recent champions of IEM New York - FaZe Clan with their all star roster. Nobody expected them to win after they’ve been struggling for months, and so it’s hard to tell how this tournament will work out for them.

BIG had a fantastic first half of the year and should be definitely considered one of the toughest teams. They have quite a number of trophies from 2020, thus it wouldn’t be a surprise, if they took another one. On the contrary, their success went a bit down in recent months and so did expectations from them.

There’s a question mark above GODSENT, who haven’t been recently shining, nor struggling. They have the talent for sure, but it will be rather difficult for them.

Group D

Moving on to the last group with ENCE, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Sprout and North on board. All four teams are pretty balanced and equally competitive, which can make matchups much more entertaining.

Ninjas in Pyjamas definitely deserve to be pointed out here, even though they haven't been at their best this year. The same goes for Sprout, relatively young German team on the rise. The winner, however, most probably won't come out of this group.