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DreamHack Open November 2020 - preview

Henrieta Hyrlikova

The DreamHack Open November 2020 has commenced and we can tell that the top CS:GO teams are being pretty busy with  BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown and Flashpoint Season 2, as there are no elite teams among the final composition. Nonetheless, it’s a fun and refreshing event to watch and bet on!


The online tournament is taking place from November 26th - 29th. Two groups of four teams will be battling it out in a double-elimination GSL system, with the top two teams out of each group advancing to the single-elimination playoff bracket. As usually, all matches will be best-of-three, except for the the grand final, which will be best-of-five.

A total reward of $100,000 is up for grabs, with winners taking half of the prize money.


Compared to previous DreamHack Opens this year, Open November is really different from what we are used to. Both Open Fall and Summer featured some of the world’s best CS:GO teams, yet closest to them in this competition is Team Spirit, who is currently occupying 16th spot in HLTV’s rankings. On top of that, it came out as Eastern European vs. Nordic competition, as most of the attending teams are either from Scandinavia or from CIS region.  

Group A: Team Spirit, AGF Esport, Apeks, flowskola

Group B: Gambit Esports, Nemiga Gaming, Illuminar Gaming, KOVA Esports


The nature of the competition makes it quite difficult to compare the teams with each other. Most of them have stayed within their region since the beginning of the pandemic, and so to predict how they are going to clash would be somewhat bold. Plus, we have very little information about the new Swedish team flowskola, who got in through the Swedish Qualifier. What we know is that they are new and a very young team, testing the waters for the first time. All in all, it’s hard to tell what to expect, so be mindful with your bets.

Looking at the rankings though, we can navigate at least a bit. There are three teams within the HLTV’s top 30, that have potentially the highest chances. Besides already mentioned Team Spirit, it’s Gambit Esports and Nemiga Gaming, ranks #20 and #21, respectively.

To pick a favorite out of these three squads, it would definitely be Team Spirit. Unlike the remaining two, Spirit have actually attended European tournaments this year, fighting against the likes of Astralis, Fnatic or Team Vitality. They even managed to upset Vitality and steal a spot in the ESL Pro League 12 playoffs. On the other hand, they also managed to lose a spot in grand final to Nemiga at IEM XV New York: CIS, so nothing is set in stone.

European experiences might not be too helpful if other teams are feeling confident in this setting, however Team Spirit still seems to be the best candidate for winning.

Bet on DreamHack Open November here on Midnite.