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Experts' Thoughts on ESL ONE Germany 2020 Playoffs!


The ESL ONE Germany 2020 Dota 2 Playoffs are poised to be an extravagant affair and everyone including the community is excited and all geared up for the event to begin. While the event is guaranteed to become a blockbuster, many people are left with a flurry of questions running through their minds.

“Will Secret win their 9th title in a row”?, “Can fare well and emerge as the dark horse?”, “Do Nigma have the ability to win without Kuroky?”, “Can Alliance finally play outstandingly great rather than being consistently good?”, “Who can give Secret a run for their god damn money?” are some of the questions that people have on their mind.

We reached out to a couple of industry personnel to share their thoughts that include broadcasters, pro players, analysts, team manager, etc, and they were kind enough to shed some light on the upcoming playoffs.

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Melchior "Seleri" Hillenkamp, Captain:

“Team Secret is on the other side of the bracket; we are super ready."

Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier, Pro Player and Analyst:

“My personal top 4 this tournament are Secret, Mudgolems, OG and Alliance. Nigma still have a stand-in and without Kuro they're lacking that oomph they usually have. Among those 4 teams obviously secret is the heavy favorite having won all tournaments lately+going undefeated throughout the group stage. I think despite OG losing to Alliance in the groups, that OG still has the upper hand. I'm expecting a Secret vs OG finals unless Mudgolems or Alliance can keep up their amazing win-streak and outperform expectations.”

Jared “Nomad” Bajina, Broadcaster:

“Secret are the raid bosses of the EU. I'm starting to forget the last time someone other than Secret won an EU tournament -- when people ask me that my eyes glaze over and my wizened, wrinkled face softens as I think back to better times. No longer can anyone oppose them, we live under Secret's rule now. And like all good stories, it's never the existing heroes that win the day, but the new blood coming through against all odds to bring down the antagonist to resounding applause. Well, there won't be any applause (thanks COVID), but maybe some resounding PogChamps in Twitch Chat.

In case it wasn't clear, I'm hoping for Mudgolems to win this one. Someone needs to come and shake things up, Nigma are still looking lost without Daddy Kuro, Alliance continue to be consistently good but never outstandingly great, OG aren't on LAN so are automatically reduced to 50% power level and Liquid have already been 2:0'd by them. Under Fata's leadership and with the momentum they've got coming into this event, I feel like it's a real possibility that they could pull off a magical fairy-tale run here -- and a lot of magic is the only thing that could take down Secret right now. Go Go Golems!”

Jack “MoFarah” Williams, Broadcaster:

“ESL One Germany seems like it should be a fantastic spectacle, especially with a new team joining the regulars. Mudgolems are definitely the ones to watch here to see how much they can build on their strong performances in recent times and how much they can match up against the other top teams. I have high hopes for them!

I'm personally rooting for because their long term development has been fantastic to watch. It's a testament to the hard work they've put in together as a 5 man squad and would love to see them eventually reach the top.”

Dan “MrBigJams” Offen, Dota 2 Podcaster and interviewer:

“I was pleased to see Vikin.GG make it into the playoffs, at the last possible opportunity in a 70-minute game against NiP. I don't expect they'll go on to win the tournament, but I do think they have the propensity to surprise a few people. They're an incredibly hard working, and well-structured team - who have a clear idea of work ethic, professionalism and camaraderie. Something that's nice in DOTA, I think, is to see tier 3 teams who stick together and work hard, slowly break their way into the top spots of their region. A weaker group of players, not helmed so well by a coach like Immortal Faith or a captain like Seleri, might have broken apart much earlier in this year - but have worked hard through bad results to slowly elevate their game to a point where they have to be considered serious contenders. I respect the graft, and liked Seleri a lot when I interviewed him, so I'll continue cheering for them in the ESL One Playoffs. They've fallen to Alliance 2-0, in a close series, the last time they met in a playoffs, and I hope they can significantly better that performance this time. I think they have it in them.

Also, my phone decided to start updating me on all of’s results by its own accord, and doesn't deign to tell me about any other teams, so I guess google have decided I must follow them closely from now on, and who am I to question Google?”

Marie Gunina, Alliance Dota 2 Manager:

“As teams play more and more tournaments, they get stronger, adapt to the new online reality and each other’s playstyles. That’s why I expect ESL playoffs to be the brightest show of this season and Alliance are ready to shine there and fight for the title.”

As you can see, the community is deeply rooting for a underdog story and leaning towards and Mudgolems while simultaneously reprising their faith in Alliance to put up a tough fight against Team Secret – a team eyeing for their 9th consecutive title victory.

We hope you had fun traversing through the minds of our beloved experts and that you have grasped the inevitable showdown that is about to start soon!

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