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FLASHPOINT 2 Finals - preview

Henrieta Hyrlikova

The second season of Flashpoint is unstoppably coming to an end, with only two matches left until the winner is decided. We’ve seen plenty of breathtaking games over the span of a month, but now there are only three teams left to fight for that sweet colorful AK trophy and even sweeter pack of money worth $500,000.

The last three teams standing are by no means a surprise, as they were our picks from the beginning and they indeed proved to be the right picks. That being, who are waiting in the Grand Final to meet their last opponent, which is yet to be determined in the Fnatic vs. OG duel. However this ends up, it’s going to be an incredibly close and spectacular finale!

Fnatic vs.OG

It is the final consolidation battle and the last chance to grab a ticket to the Grand Final, so we can expect this to be a proper thriller.  

We at Midnite favor OG to win at 1.81. OG has been trying so hard this year and was so close a few times, but never quite managed to take the trophy in the end. There’s no doubt we are going to see even more determination from them than in yesterday's match against MIBR, where they revenged their defeat from the opening round of the playoffs.

Even though Fnatic (1.97) has a strong roster perfectly capable of winning this, they lack consistency and simply put, they’ve had better years than this one. Statistically, OG are in a better position.

When it comes to map pool, it's something that is always needed to be taken into consideration. Both teams are best on Dust. OG would prefer Mirage, Train and Overpass more, while Fnatic performs better on Inferno, Vertigo and Nuke.

All things considered, there's no clear favourite. Both teams qualified for the playoffs via the lower bracket and are rather balanced. Considering what's at stake, it's going to be incredibly tight. waiting in the Grand Final

What a fantastic run for! Losing only one match against OG in the Grand Final of Group C, they really seem to be hungry for the win. After playing only on CIS tournaments for quite a while, this was their first test in EU competition, which they successfully passed.

Sure, there was recent BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown, but it was of a quick and deadly format and the Russian squad also met deadly FURIA along the way, so they haven’t had much of a chance to prove themselves. Besides that though, they are in great form and their current 82% win rate is a proof of that.'s excellent results came in after a slight roster alteration earlier this year. They updated their roster with talented Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis and it proved to be a right decision. Then, as Timur "⁠buster⁠" Tulepov returned from his short CS:GO break, nothing was standing in VP's way to start rising. First, they secured a trophy on IEM XV New York 2020 CIS and now they are just one little step from winning the Flashpoint trophy. No matter what happens, they are surely looking at the biggest paycheck in their CS:GO career.

In the final battle, will face the winner of Fnatic vs. OG clash, while OG seems to be a slightly more dangerous opponent. The Flashpoint 2 Grand Final is set to take place today at 7PM GMT.

Watch and bet live with Midnite or tune in to the Flashpoint’s Twitch channel.