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HusKerrs' Howl - Qualifier #3 Preview

Charlie Cater

Last night we saw BobbyPoff & Crimsix take their place in the Grand Final by winning the second qualifier. They were at a massive 11.00 odds to win, showing that sometimes an outsider can come in and surprise us. Tonight we have a tournament just as stacked as the first week, so let's look at the Format, Teams and our Preview.


Today is the second of the three Qualifier days for HusKerrs Howl. This means that the tournament will take up a new Duos format, where teams will compete in a Double Elimination bracket. The top 3 teams and HusKerrs will qualify for the Finals from tonight. Teams are awarded 1 point per elimination but no points for placement, so teams must go all out for kills and not play it safe. Winners bracket matches will be the usual two game format while Losers bracket matches will only be over one match.


SuperEvan & DiazBiffle

Tommey & Rated

Zlaner & Aydan

Repullze & Priestahh

Swagg & Booya

Scump & Formal

TeePee & Crowder

Maven & Merk


Tonight's qualifier is just as stacked as the first. We have three teams as joint favourites to win at 3.65. SuperEvan & DiazBiffle, Tommey & Rated and Zlaner & Aydan. These players seem to be the best in Verdansk at the moment and it will take a monster performance for anyone to beat them. This will be extremely competitive and we are almost guaranteed to see one of these teams in the Final. All three of these teams have already qualified for the Grand Final event tomorrow, so that incentive isn't there. However, there’s still $30K on the line for the winner, so that should be more than enough to spark some competition.

HusKerrs Howl begins at 8PM GMT tonight with Duo’s competing for their place in the final and $30,000. You can watch on the HusKerrs Howl Twitch Channel or your favourite competitors steam.

Check out all the HusKerrs Howl odds here on Midnite.

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