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HusKerrs Howl Warzone Tournament - Day 1 Preview

Charlie Cater

Tonight we see some of the best Warzone players drop in for a tournament with a little spooky twist, here’s the format, competitors and odds for Day 1 of HusKerrs Howl.


Day 1 of HusKerrs Howl is a special Zombies Royale tournament. In reality this is just a warm up before the actual Duos tournament begins, however tonight we will see Trio’s drop into Verdansk for some Zombie Royale action. Teams will compete in a double elimination bracket playing in the usual kill race format. Teams will earn 1 point per kill with no points for placement. Winners bracket matches will span over two games while Losers bracket matches will only be over one game.


DiazBiffle, Repullze & LuckyChamu

HusKerrs, Symfuhny & Tommey

Aydan, SuperEvan & Rated

Formal, Scump & Ricky/Dashy

Icemanisaac, Rallied & FeLo

Priestahh, Swagg & Booya

Destroy, Tfue & Zlaner

TeePee, DougisRaw & UnRational

TimTheTatman, Ahtract12 & Frozone

Bobby, Crimsix & Censor

Merk, Maven & Crowder

Dadbodgaming, PickNickBasket & Oakelyboiii


HusKerrs Howl Day 1 is a tournament like no other and therefore is extremely hard to call. Here at Midnite we’ve got the host HusKerrs and his teammates Symfuhny & Tommey as favourites at 3.55 to win. DiazBiffle, Repullze & LuckyChamu aren't far behind on 3.60 and Aydan, SuperEvan & Rated sit in third at 4.00. All of these teams have a high chance at winning the tournament, however being a Zombies Royale, anything could happen. However, HusKerrs’ team have to be the favourites to win. HusKerrs, Symfuhny and Tommey are all known for winning Warzone tournaments and for being the best in the game, so they're the pick for me.

HusKerrs Howl Day 1 starts at 8PM tonight October 30th, you can watch on the special HusKerrs Howl Twitch channel or your favourite competitors stream.

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