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League of Legends World Championship Semi-Final preview

Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart

In a remarkable turn of events, the match-ups for the League of Legends World Championship Semi-Final almost perfectly mirror what we saw last year. For the second season running, we will see two Chinese teams compete on one side of the bracket while the respective champions from South Korea and Europe face off in the other series.

Of the final four teams, G2 Esports is the only one of them who was in also in this position last year. They will be hoping for a better performance than their brutal 3-0 defeat to FunPlus Phoenix in the 2019 final but they have a very difficult series to deal with before they can even begin to worry about facing anyone from China's League of Legends Pro League (LPL).

Any of the final four would be worthy world champions but this weekend two world-class teams will be sent home. Here's what you can expect from the upcoming Semi-Finals.

G2 Esports (2.76) vs DAMWON Gaming (1.44)

This G2 line-up has a spotless record against teams from the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK). In the two years they have been together, the roster has won all four best-of-fives it has played against Korean opposition - including the 3-0 demolition of Gen.G last week.

And that also includes last year's Worlds Quarter-Final victory over their upcoming opponents, DAMWON. However, a lot has changed since then. In 2019 DAMWON were a rookie team with the majority of their roster in the debut years. Now, they are the LCK champions and have been one of the most dominant teams at Worlds 2020 so far.

DAMWON dominated LCK second seeds DRX 3-0 in the quarter-finals and before that recorded the two highest instances of gold earned per minute (gpm) of the tournament so far with 2223 gpm vs Rogue and 2191 gpm vs JDG.

The Korean champions are perhaps the only LCK side that can match G2's pace but they will still want to slow the game down to stop the Europeans from finding the constant skirmishes that they excel in.

An integral match-up in this series will be between the two junglers: G2's Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski and DAMWON's Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu. The jungle has defined this Worlds meta with carry champions such as Nidalee and Graves running rampant.

No jungler has impressed more than Canyon as he has dominated the tournament with the highest KDA of everyone at Worlds at 10.6 as well as more kills (49) than any other competing jungler. Meanwhile, Jankos has done a decent job of adapting but hasn't strayed too far from his usual style of setting up his teammates for success - hence why he has the most assists (95) out of the tournament's junglers.

This is a match that could go either way and will likely go to five games, that is, as long as G2 can challenge DAMWON for control of the map and Jankos can stop Canyon.

Top Esports (1.52) vs Suning (2.52)

The battle of the LPL. In many fans' minds, whoever wins this series will be favourites in the final. Should either of these squads lift the Summoner's Cup, it will be the third year in a row that a Chinese team has been crowned World Champion.

Top Esports (TES) will be favourites for this series as they have been in all their matches throughout the tournament as fans and experts naturally expected the LPL champions to launch a serious Summoner's Cup bid.

However, the talented squad find themselves lucky to have made it this far after a surprisingly close series with Fnatic. In a stunning start to the series, TES found themselves two games down as the Europeans were commanding the games.

But TES managed to record the first-ever reverse sweep in Worlds history as Yu "JackeyLove" Wen-Bo adapted to the immense pressure from Fnatic's bot-lane and jungler Hung "Karsa" Hao-Hsuan began to control the games.

Meanwhile, Suning will be glowing with confidence following a spectacular 3-1 victory over JD Gaming (JDG) who had been tipped for the title themselves. It was an impressive series where Suning completely controlled the tempo and ADC Tang "Huanfeng" Huan-Feng had a career-defining performance and now finds himself with 52 kills, the second-highest tally in the tournament.

Suning are peaking at the right time. Having already beaten G2 Esports and JDG, the LPL third-seeds are putting on one of the most impressive runs in Worlds history and victory over TES would be their greatest triumph yet.

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