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Ravenstorm Warzone Tournament - Preview

Charlie Cater

Tonight we see the first major Warzone tournament of the year, run by CDL team London Royal Ravens. With $25K on the line, some of the best players in the world will be going head to head. Here’s everything you need to know.


The London Royal Ravens Ravenstorm tournament will see 10 Trios go up against each other, battling it out for part of the $25K prize pool. The format is yet to be revealed, however we expect the teams to be playing in public Warzone matches and earning points for every elimination, and further points for placement.


Jukeyz, Steve Aoki, Zlaner

Angelika, DougisRaw, Amari

Rated, EvilHiccup, Aydan

Tommey, Vinnie Hacker, Almxnd

Sebi, Vikkstar, Trance

Wuskin, KillerPigeon, ThumblessCudi

Deleo, 2Fly, Louis Morton

TeePee, Carson Bohling, Merk

SuperEvan, Jason Mewes, Biffle

Vapulear, Alvaro Romero, Lenun


With so many great teams, this is a hard one to call. This tournament features an extra element of RNG, with each team being randomly assigned a celebrity as one of their three players. Some teams such as Angelika, DougisRaw & Amari seem to have a slight advantage as DougisRaw classed as their “Celebrity”. For this reason, we’re backing these as favourites to win at 2.82. However, other teams such as Rated’s, Tommey’s and SuperEvan’s could definitely surprise us.

The Royal Ravens Ravenstorm tournament kicks off at 6PM GMT tonight. You can watch on the Call of Duty Twitch Channel, or your favourite competitors stream.

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